15 reasons why you should date a barista

There is nothing that can compare with scent of new coffee each day. Unless, definitely, it’s the smell of fresh coffee existence made by the person or girl of your dreams. We requested our very own friends at Costa to share with you 15 reasoned explanations why online dating a barista is obviously recommended

1. We have an Italian heritage

That Italian enthusiasm is within our jeans…we indicate genetics.

2. We handcraft all our beverages at Costa

So we’re great with this fingers. Enough mentioned.

3. We also have a light whiff of Eau de Coffee

You’ll always awake smelling the coffee. Practically.

4. …And while we’re on that subject

You’ll always get an excellent cup of handcrafted coffee each day.

5. We’re really passionate and constantly have a spring within step

Or at the very least, we’re very caffeinated.

6. We’re going to always atart exercising . sweet towards life

Especially with the various flavoured latte possibilities.

7. Latte art is fun to craft and challenging master

But you will also have all of our <3

8. There is not no problem with a little dosage and grind

A Costa dose and grind check ensures all of our coffee can be first-rate. What exactly do you might think we created? Mind out from the gutter!

9. With many buyer sales and things to remember

You can assure that people’ll always remember your birthday celebration

10. We’re a smiley, mature chat roomsty bunch

So will certainly access it with your family and friends.

11. We’ve seen really spilled milk

We never have a tendency to weep over it.

12. With different change patterns

we are used to becoming flexible.

13. We’re usually here for a coffee and cake with you

Especially important in times of want.

14. We’re fantastic on a night out once we’re usually right up for an extra shot

You don’t need to ask you 2 times.

15. No matter if it is Primo, Medio or Massimo, it really is what is actually inside that really matters.

We never believe any size fits all.